Mentoring Program Application

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.   

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RECOMMENDATIONS Please ask one person to write to us regarding: (1) your readiness and aptitude for this mentoring program; (2) your emotional and spiritual maturity; (3) your preparation to enter this program; and (4) your new areas of growth as well as your demonstrated gifts. Please request that your reference send us their recommendation no later than May 25, 2012. Recommendations by e-mail to are acceptable.
First Reference contact information (name, address, email, phone, meeting or church)
We strongly recommend that you write your responses to the following questions in a separate file, and then copy and paste your text into the appropriate boxes below.
A. Write a summary (1-2 pages) of your call both to a contemplative rhythm of life and also to silent retreat facilitation. In your summary, reflect upon how your callings rise out of your personal faith, faith community, and life experience.
B. Respond succinctly but fully in writing to the following questions. These questions are meant for your own discernment as well as for ours.
1. What is your level of comfort with the Christian grounding of Quakerism and Christ-centered language? Describe your ability to listen and recognize spiritual openings and committed journeys in whatever form they may appear.
2. Describe your experience in leading small groups.
3. What is your experience in being supported on your faith journey by (a) a small group of dedicated listeners (e.g. as a support/care/clearness committee) and (b) by your faith community.
4. Are there any personal needs that demand your attention at this time? How will you make the time available to commit to (a) preparing for the retreat in September, and (b) leading similar retreats in the future?