On Being a Spiritual Nurturer

A program involving 6 residencies and a total of 26 residential days over 18 months.
This program invites participants to seek and respond to the guidance, teaching, and activity of the Light of Christ at work in all; to be grounded in the Life and Power of God; and to be more deeply and fully attuned to the Spirit. The program is for persons who feel drawn to a deeper communion with God and the service that might arise. It is for persons who are concerned about the spiritual well-being of their faith community, and it is for persons who are called to the ministry of spiritual nurture. Elements of the program are designed to touch mind, heart, body, and spirit. The practice of prayer is essential. 


Weekend retreats, often incorporating three nights, held at various retreat centers.
Come and simply be with God and attend to the divine stirrings of the soul. In these days of fast-paced living, multi-tasking, and continual connectivity, more than ever we need times apart, times of "retirement" as early Friends used to say, for communion with God and the refreshment of the soul. 

Spiritual Renewal Retreat

For graduates of our extended programs, a long weekend on a theme presented and guided by a guest teacher, held once every few years. The purpose is to provide ongoing prayer and learning for those called to minister to Friends.