• What is SotS looking for in a new program?

    • A program that will invite a participant into a transformed life in God.

    • Retreats that will attract a diversity of participants.

    • A leadership sufficiently seasoned to allow accompaniment in both hard and
       joyful places of the spiritual life.

      What does the SotS offer you?

    • Collaboration in developing your vision into a workable program.

    • Eldership encompassing circles of prayer, beginning with the Board and continuing    with a care and advisory committee.

    • Experience in changing lives through programming in a Quaker contemplative

    • Administration and financial support.

    What should a proposal include?

    • Please note: Traditionally, programs under SotS’s care have been team taught, so a strong preference will be given to proposals submitted by a team of 2 or 3 persons.

    • An overview of the retreat you envision: theme, format, length (week-long, weekend, series of weekends, other).

    • A description of your calling and how this call has been seasoned.

    • Summary of relevant experience and qualifications.

    • Names and contact information of two references familiar with your ministry

    If my proposal is accepted, what next?

    • You will be contacted by a member of the Board of the School of the Spirit.

    • Time will be found for further seasoning of the proposal with a committee
       comprising members of the SotS Board and others of your choosing.

    • If the leading to proceed is shared by all, a recommendation will be brought to the
       SotS Board together with a plan for implementation.

    We anticipate that a new program would be delivered within a 12-24 month window after a proposal has been accepted. This would allow time for seasoning, booking a retreat center, and promotion.

    To offer us a proposal, or for questions, please contact Jim Herr, Administrator, School of the Spirit — info@nullschoolofthespirit.org