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NOTE: Application Deadline Extended to April 9, 2017  



The School of the Spirit Ministry (SotS) is a nonprofit organization committed to serving those who wish to be more faithful listeners and responders to the work of Christ, the Inward Teacher, as understood in the contemplative tradition of the Religious Society of Friends.

We seek proposals from independent contractors* who will join Evelyn Jadin to form a Core Teaching Team of three (3) teachers to lead and guide the 18-month program On Being a Spiritual Nurturer.

The thirty-month term of the contract will include two phases. The first phase, beginning on July 1, 2017, will consist of twelve months of preparation. The second phase will be the delivery of the program and will conclude on December 31, 2019. (Delivery of the program, and thus the final 18 months of the contract, is contingent upon acceptance by sufficient numbers of participants to form a class.) The current Core Teaching Team estimates that delivering the program to our 2015-16 class requires about one-third of their work week. The Board has set aside funds for a contracted fee of $11,600/teacher/year to be paid in quarterly installments.

Inspired around 1990 by the founders of this ministry, Sandra Cronk and Kathryn Damiano, On Being a Spiritual Nurturer has become a well-respected program that supports individuals and their faith communities as participants step into Spiritual Nurture roles/ministry. In May, 2017, the program will conclude its 10th class. The 11th class under the care of this Core Teaching Team is expected to begin September, 2018, and to conclude December, 2019, with the six residencies held at the Franciscan Spiritual Center in Aston, PA.

A Core Teaching Team:

• lives out the joys and struggles of becoming and modeling the blessed community;
• meets regularly by phone to pray, worship together and prepare for the program;
• travels 7 to 10 times per year for face-to-face planning meetings and residencies;
• recruits participants for the program, usually by leading retreats and information sessions;
• supports and guides class members in their exploration of spiritual nurture ministry by eldering and by implementation of the curriculum (learning sessions, worship, collection, small “koinonia” groups and reading assignments);
• attends and participates in meetings of the SotS Board (three face-to-face and two phone meetings/year);
• commits individually to seek spiritual, psychological, and emotional support, including that provided by the SotS Board.

Although the eventual Memorandum of Commitment (contract) may be negotiated depending on the specific gifts and call of the successful candidates, in general we expect that the position will include the deliverables below.

Through their gifts of nurture and teaching, the Core Teaching Team leads and guides the program On Being a Spiritual Nurturer that arises from a shared vision of both the Core Characteristics of the School of the Spirit Ministry and also the essential components of the program (see below). Within these essential components, the Core Teachers develop and deliver the program.

These essential components include the four goals, the five thematic streams, and the four structural elements.

The four goals are that program participants will:

1. experience an expanded capacity to love and be compassionate toward others, thereby residing in a deeper awareness of the blessed community;
2. be encouraged to live out the gifts of spiritual nurture given by God for the building up of the blessed community;
3. gain a deeper appreciation for the distinctive Quaker expression of Christianity and the Judeo-Christian story from which it emerged;
4. become more able and desirous of living in a contemplative rhythm, with a deepened faith that God is at work in the world.

The five thematic streams are:

1. practicing the Presence: spiritual development, prayer, and worship;
2. the life and faith within the individual spiritual journey
3. Quaker theology;
4. living within the Judeo-Christian narrative: corporate spiritual nurture, including an introduction to desert, monastic, and Anabaptist spiritualities;
5. living with others as a School of the Spirit: corporate life in faith.

The four structural elements are:

1. six residencies over 18 months, each of which includes times for spiritual practice, corporate worship, learning sessions, and koinonia groups;
2. study and integrative work;
3. spiritual practice;
4. care committee.

More details about the program can be found in the Program Guide published for the 2014 - 2016 class. We have also posted a representative agenda and reading list from one of this class’ residencies. We also recommend reading Sandra Cronk’s pamphlet Spiritual Nurture Ministry Among Friends, published by SotS.

If you are interested in being a candidate for the Core Teaching Team, please send a proposal for how you see yourself contributing to the delivery of this program. Please include:

1. Full contact information (including monthly and yearly membership history);

2. A description of your call to and experience in teaching and spiritual nurture ministry. (3-6 pages suggested.) Reflect upon how this call rises out of your personal faith, faith community, life experience, education and training --take into consideration the characteristics that the SotS Ministry is looking for in a Core Teacher;

3. An overview of your life in the Religious Society of Friends;

4. Initial thoughts about some highlights of what you’d love to see included in the delivery plan for this class’s curriculum. (The Board has included what it considers to be “non-negotiables” above, but within those parameters, we expect that each teaching team’s vision of the program’s emphases, invitations and foci will be unique. What components would excite you to develop?);

5. Reflections about the issues you’d expect to encounter during the formation of a new teaching team with the capacity to model the Blessed Community to class participants, and about the gifts and challenges you’d bring to their resolution;

6. A resumé;

7. Three references who could speak to your gifts as a teacher. (Explain your connection to each.)

Please mail hard copy to Teacher Search, The School of the Spirit Ministry, 360 Blossom Hill Drive, Lancaster, PA 17601, or email it to search@nullschoolofthespirit.org by April 9, 2017.

We anticipate a July 1, 2017, start date for the successful candidates.

*Independent Contractors are responsible for their own livelihoods; they agree to perform specific work and to complete defined “deliverables” for organizational clients in exchange for an agreed upon sum of money. They are not employees and don’t earn hourly or daily wages, and they may have more than one client at a time. If you’re inexperienced at this kind of work, we’d be glad to explain, and/or to point you toward IRS documents that clarify what it means.